Three-room family / holiday house

Model A_1

Number of rooms: 3
Number of persons: 3-4
Number of modules: 4
Module size: 3 x 6 x 3 m
Useful area of the house: 65,17 m2
Terrace: 24,60 m2
Built-up area with terrace: 102,09 m2

Single-storey house Model A_1 is a transportable prefabricated house with a steel support system. The basic plan module of the house is 3 × 6 × 3 m. The building consists of 4 modules…

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Single-story family house Model A_1 is a transportable modular family house with a steel supporting system. The basic floor plan module of the house is 3 × 6 × 3 m.

The building consists of 4 modules that ensure the transportability of the modular units. The 80% finished modules are assembled on site according to the investor’s requirements. Modification of the exterior and the roof are carried out on the construction site. The interior is pre-prepared in the factory.

The surface treatment of the facade is a thin layer of colored plaster. The roof is flat, insulated with PVC foil. In the House Standard, the linings of the internal walls and ceilings are made of fire-resistant plasterboard (at the request of the investor, it is possible to use other available materials for surface treatment). The floors are laminate or ceramic.

The building must be connected to the public electricity network. The heating is electric. as well as the preparation of domestic hot water.

Drinking water can be supplied from the public water supply or from one’s own well. Sewage is discharged into the public sewer system, alternatively into its own isolated cesspool or sewage treatment plant.

Use for year-round living, but also for recreational living.



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