If you are interested in one of the modular houses, please contact us.

If you are interested in one of the modular houses, please contact us.


The offer includes a wide range of products related to window decoration, shading and protection.

Pleats are one of the most interesting and latest system designs of solar protection protection in terms of functionality and decorative value. Pleats can work in any inclined plane and you can give them any shape. The wide range of fabrics meets all expectations, both in terms of decoration and degree of darkening.

Blinds and roller blinds, available in the traditional arrangement – horizontal and vertical, made of both natural and synthetic materials, also fulfil the decorative function perfectly.

But mosquito nets are used as additional protection against pesky insects.

Roller blinds with protective, warming and sound-insulating properties are made of specially profiled high quality aluminium. In combination with windows, they provide good thermal insulation and thus – reduce heating costs. Acoustic and additional protection For more effective protection, manual or automatic screws can be installed in the bottom rail. They protect against the armour being lifted from the outside.

Colours can be matched to the window table or facade. At the customer’s request, we can paint the roller shutter elements in any RAL colour. All roller blinds and shutters are manufactured to individual dimensions and with the equipment specified by the customer in the order.

Wooden acorns 25mm

Wooden blinds made of quality lime wood are perfectly suited for exclusive apartment buildings, offices or other rooms where we want to achieve the effect of elegance, dignity or prestige. The great advantage of this type of blinds is that they are easy to keep clean. The linden wood shutters can be operated manually or electrically. Companies offer a wide selection of color pens to assist in choosing the right color of accessories.


Top, bottom or bespoke pleated roller blinds can be rolled up to any position within the window. Pleats are more than just blinds – they are an element of interior design. Pleats are available in a wide range of colours and material textures. We offer roller blinds for classic windows as well as for atypical shapes (also roller blinds for roof windows).


The ease of controlling light access to the room is a feature that undoubtedly influences the popularity of day and night roller blinds. They are available in different colours and fabrics. Thanks to the improved design, the fixing screws remain hidden. Roller shutters can be operated manually or electrically.


The minimalist design of these blinds makes it possible to restrict the access of light into rooms in a particularly subtle way. Thanks to the rich colour palette of the pens, everyone will find something for their home, office or apartment. The colour of the accessories matches the colour of the feathers. The cassettes flush with the window frame, providing an elegant and discreet appearance.

Another advantage of this product is the simple and quick installation. The roller blind is operated manually by means of a beaded chain.


Effective insect protection should ensure comfort in summer, without restricting air circulation and allowing easy opening of the window. Such is the flanged mosquito net available in the company’s offer. The swivel hooks allow easy and non-invasive installation into the window recess.

We have insect screens for all types of windows. The net can be ordered with an inside corner.


Facade roller shutters are an exclusive and functional solution. The exterior of the building, mounted on the outside, provides a high-end system anti-solar Protection. They protect rooms from excessive sunlight.

Façade blinds not only insulate the thermal comfort inside the building, but also provide a sophisticated finishing touch to the building’s façade. This modern design solution is ideal for glass facades.

– Resistant to all weather

Façade blinds used with sun and wind sensors are a solution that allows the blinds to be used safely in all weathers.

-Intelligent solutions

The possibility of using solutions that allow remote control of systems.

-Increase the prestige of the facility

Blinds are an exclusive product. It stands out for its unique design and attention to aesthetic finish.


The size, shape and colour of the roller shutters are very important for the overall appearance of the façade. Sub-socket, adaptive and superstructure roller blinds available in the company’s offer will decorate the building and expert advisors will help you choose the most functional solution.

Manual control with belt retractor, electric control with remote control or control via the SOMFY IO + TAHOMA smart home system.


Roller blinds in aluminium boxes, i.e. roller blinds under plaster, are a modern and functional protection from the sun. Such roller blinds form an integral part of the façade and provide excellent thermal insulation. Recessed blinds can be integrated with a net. Installation of this type of roller shutters is recommended especially in new buildings.

In the company you can order recessed blinds to the exact dimension.


Currently, the most popular system of external roller blinds are roller blinds in aluminium boxes, i.e. adaptive. No wonder – this type of blinds can save up to 30% of energy per year, reducing heating in the summer and heating costs in the winter. In addition, they are characterised by good sound and thermal insulation. Designed mainly for existing buildings, they can be mounted directly on window boxes (in a recess) or on the wall. Adaptive blinds can be integrated with the mesh. We can choose between electric or manual control. The product is available in a wide range of colours.


These types of blinds are installed in PCV boxes. It is worth mentioning the optimal thermal insulation they provide and the fact that they are suitable for both new and existing buildings. They can be operated manually or electrically. In the company you can order roller shutters with precisely defined dimensions, configured with regard to the exact dimensions of the roller shutter box, the method of installation or the aesthetics of the finish and with dedicated equipment, such as a net.